Wall lamp “PRL”


The name of the lamp is influenced by the date of its production. The base, found at the flea market in Krakow was manufactured in early eighties of 20th century in Poland, the period when the country was called People’s Republic of Poland, acronyme “PRL” in Polish.


The shade made recently in my workshop is close in its expression to a bit “kitsch” design of the 70s. The red “peas” are fused with the white plate in my kiln in the temperature of 790C.

Then the glass elements have been assembled in Tiffany technique.




Welcome to Atelier Colour Distillery in Krakow. All my stained glass panels, windows, lamps and other objects are made in traditional techniques with antique glass and lead came. I look for inspiration in sources as diverse as the American Prairie style, the European “fin de siècle”, medieval cathedrals and urban landscape around me. I am also happy to discuss any ideas you have for stained glass so commissions will meet your specific requirements. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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