Third stained glass panel from “Dana” series


The “Dana” series was inspired by the stained glass projects by Frank Lloyd Wright from the beginning of the 20th century. The Art Deco design draws its color scheme from the nature surrounding Wright’s Taliesin West studio in Arizona. This is the third panel in this series:

Projekt was created in SketchUp, the software I usually use for geometric design :

Window with view on praires…


The title of this panel sums up pretty well the idea of the project. The wooden window was found on Allegro, the Polish auction site, and according to the seller, dates from the nineteenth century. Hard to check. The stained glass panels are inspired by the “Prairie” style and by the work of its forerunner Frank Lloyd Wright.

And here are some pictures showing the different phases of creation and the final effect:

Navajo totem #1


This stained glass sun catcher was inspired by the craftsmanship of Navajo Indians. It can be seen in its reduced form of souvenirs for tourists in the Information Centers of the Monument Valley National Park or at the Navajo Village Heritage Center in Page near Powell Lake in Utah. But their colors are offered free of charge across the landscape of Arizona and Utah.

Little window


I would like to present my latest project “Little Window 01” (number one let hope that other windows will follow). The wooden frame has been saved from destroyed house in Lower Silesia (Western Poland)…

The stained glass panel is influenced, like many in this gallery, by works of Frank Lloyd Wright.





Welcome to Atelier Colour Distillery in Krakow. All my stained glass panels, windows, lamps and other objects are made in traditional techniques with antique glass and lead came. I look for inspiration in sources as diverse as the American Prairie style, the European “fin de siècle”, medieval cathedrals and urban landscape around me. I am also happy to discuss any ideas you have for stained glass so commissions will meet your specific requirements. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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