“The Autumn in Krakow with Ravens” – new sequel


I created the project “The Autumn in Krakow with Ravens” in May 2017. The spring was so dark and cold in the region, it was rather autumn than spring and the stained glass window reflected this mood.

The panel found its home in London and the design was quite appreciated afterwards on facebook, instagram, etsy and this page. Now the project is reborn once again thanks to Darcy in Sitka (AK).

From now on I will register below the consecutive creation stages of this new sequel of “The Autumn in Krakow with Ravens”.

November 16th, 2018

The glass is cut and polished, ready for paint:

November 17th, 2018

The elements composing the urban landscape go to the kiln to fix the first layer of enamel:

And now I am starting the first layer of enamels for upper part (sky, trees, raven). At least 3 other bakes will be necessary to bring shades of clouds and blinks of sun:

November 19th, 2018

Let’s go for the third, probably last bake of the sky section:

November 21st, 2018

The stained glass window is ready now :

Raven #10


The “Ravens” collection is growing. Here is the next panel, influenced by a story I read in old paper retracing the history of the police in XIXth century Kraków. The full title is: “Kraków 1874 – Unraveling the riddle of the murder of a man named Słowik, janitor at the City Savings Bank at Szpitalna Street by police commissioner Władysław Smolkień”. The story is told in the title…

Making of…

Raven #9…


The ninth stained glass panel from “Ravens” collection contains this time some architectural elements inspired by Krakow’s historical monuments: the Gothic arcades and a Renaissance window. The “grisaille” is laid by scratching a homogeneous layer of enamels. And like the preceding Raven (see previous post), this panel is also back-illuminated with a LED ribbon.

Stages of painting :

LED ribbon integrated the frame :

Final result :

“Autumn in Krakow with Raven #2” – ready…


I have just finished the second “Raven” :

In the case of “Raven #2” I followed the same composition of dark blue frame with the landscape inside (check here the Raven #1). The main difference lies in the way the urban city line is drawn. I replaced here the usual painting on glass with a thin pencil by “scratching” method. First the whole surface of the glass element is covered by the enamel layer and then all transparent areas are taken off with a steel blade. Do you like it ? Thanks for your comments…

“Autumn in Krakow with Raven” – next episode…


My first crow flew to London through my shop on ETSY, so it is time now for another stained glass panel in this series. The composition with dark window frame did not change, but the panorama of the city will be a bit more distinct and detailed. And the bird will be also different, more dynamic …

The composition goes to the kiln several times during the creation process. Each color and each form painted on glass is in fact a thin layer of powder that can be removed accidentally with finger or brush, so every layer must be solidified in the kiln in 700 degrees Celsius before the next layer / shape / colour …